Dear Websurfer, Friend of the Comic, Curious Onlooker or Casual Visitor:

Now that you know me a bit better, I'd love to get to know you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestion, comment, criticism or question. Although my workload does not always allow it, I try to keep a regular communication with all those who are interested in my work or, generally, in the fascinating world of comic.

You can reach me, wherever I am, through the email address:

But, since I live in Barcelona, you may instead want to phone me at (+34) 93 204 94 79.

All sorts of messages are welcome (in Catalan, Spanish, German, English or French). If you are thinking about asking me to do some job, or if you have an idea which you would like me to help you develop, please do also contact me by any of those channels (be sure to have checked also this section). It will be a pleasure to exchange views about your project, without obligation.

Long live the Comic!