The world of comic in the narrow sense does not exhaust Trini's creative potential. There are other formats in which Trini's ideas have been expressed, and continue being expressed year after year. For a long time already Trini realises Christmas with predominantly children's themes. A selection of them is what we offer you first.

Unfortunately we do not have graphic material that gives a sufficient idea of her many other creations - such as portraits, advertisements, cards for other occasions, posters, bills for shows, etc. But see below for some selected examples, and remember that you may contact her if you have an interesting project.

Trini's pencil (belonged to Santiago H.)

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Christmas cards of different periods


Trini's nib

Posters, Adverts, Other Cards, Portraits, etc.

"Nasaline Junior" advert


Poster for theatre show

Drawing for book of [showman] A. Buenafuente


Publication of drawing (in the name of "OFA") in book of [showman] A. Buenafuente

Sign for German restaurant


Comic for university magazine


Comic for theatre play


Greeting card for silver wedding

Greeting card for wedding

Comic birthday greeting





Portrait (Emma)


Portrait (Micky)




Farewell card for editor

Farewell card for editor


...and many other cards, bills (for public and private shows), signs for establishments, posters, portraits, etc. of which we do not (not yet? no longer?) have a picture.